5 Advantages of Being Represented by A Personal Injury Attorney:

Being involved in a personal injury case will often leave victims feeling unsure about what to do next. While there may be a variety of factors that determine whether or not you have a case, there is no question that you need to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney. Whether it turns out that you need an attorney or not, the consultation at Barnes & Cohen is FREE.

A personal injury lawyer is a licensed professional who represents injured accident victims during negligence claims. Hiring an experienced attorney like Barnes & Cohen will help you receive maximum compensation for your claim. Read on to discover 5 major advantages of being represented by a personal injury lawyer in Florida and Georgia.

1. A personal injury attorney knows how much your claim is worth

Having an accurate estimate of the final value of your insurance settlement or jury verdict is crucial when it comes to deciding between settling and going to court. The average person usually has no idea how much money they could potentially collect from this type of claim. Some people turn to online applications that provide certain tools such as personal injury settlement calculators. While this may seem convenient, taking this route is unwise. There are many factors to consider in valuing your claim. If a computer platform leaves out important information or makes faulty assumptions, the result will be misleading and likely to hurt more than help.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, an experienced lawyer will consider many important details to value your case. These details include analyzing your injuries from the accident, assessing your pain and discomfort, understanding the insurance company’s strategy, and estimating any future medical care and expenses. Less obvious, but important details include the skill and reputation of your treating physicians, your work history, statements from co-workers, bosses, and family about the effects your injury has had on your quality of life, etc. Hiring an inexperienced lawyer or attempting to tackle an insurance claim on your own will likely leave you with a hole in your pocket. Barnes & Cohen typically accepts personal injury cases on a contingency basis with zero upfront costs. We only get paid when the client wins.

In the long run, working closely with Barnes & Cohen will provide you with the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible outcome.

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2. An attorney understands the legal process

Personal injury settlements involve a variety of legal procedures that experienced attorneys handle on a daily basis. Throughout the entire process, they will know what witnesses to rely on, how to guide you on decisions about your medical care, and filing legal pleadings that will increase your chances of success. Those who are not experienced with the process may risk losing large amounts of money over minor legal technicalities. Having a professional personal injury attorney who understands the legalities involved in these types of cases will put you at a major advantage and ensure everything is being done to maximize the value of your case.

3. An attorney has the strong ability to negotiate

Your personal injury attorney will know that going up against an insurance company is not an easy job and prepare accordingly. Those who choose to take a personal injury case into their own hands without proper knowledge of the process will risk being taken advantage of by the insurance company. There is no question that insurance companies see this all the time. When they know that a person has no bargaining power, they will not hesitate to offer a low settlement. Having a skilled personal injury attorney by your side who can confidently negotiate on your behalf will ultimately increase your chances of getting the highest settlement possible.

4. A personal injury attorney can take your case to trial

While most accident cases do not go to trial, it can’t be ruled out. In fact, the advice your attorney gives you and the direction he chooses for your case, should be strongly influenced by how those decisions would appear to a jury if the case were tried. For legal professionals, it is common knowledge that juries have little sympathy for insurance companies. It’s important that insurance companies recognize that your lawyer will not shy away from taking your case to court. When they know you have an aggressive attorney, insurance companies are influenced to make an earlier and more equitable settlement offer.

5. An attorney will have the motivation to help you

Again, personal injury attorneys often work on a contingency basis—meaning they will only get paid if you win the case or reach a settlement. As our client, you will have the advantage of working with experienced trial lawyers who know what it takes to be successful against big insurance companies. At Barnes & Cohen, we have medical experts, investigators and a dedicated legal team determined to help you get the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida and Georgia

Barnes & Cohen provides a proven powerhouse of professional personal injury lawyers who offer legal experience and personalized service to help injured victims in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Kingsland, and other areas of North Florida and South Georgia. If you are looking for personal injury lawyers you can trust, we encourage you to contact our offices today.

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