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After an accident many injured victims hesitate to call an attorney. Confused by empty promises from the insurance company and fearful of what it will cost to hire an attorney they try and handle it alone . At Barnes Cohen & Sullivan we will provide you with a Free Consultation.

We understand that an injured victim is not just a case number. We understand that case file belongs to an injured Mom or Dad, a Grandmother or even a child. That case file often represents the financial future of an entire family. We will listen to you and we will not pass your case off to another law firm or a legal secretary.

Every case at Barnes Cohen & Sullivan is examined and evaluated by senior partners Chuck Barnes & Glenn Cohen. We are passionate about using our experience and legal knowledge to hold negligent parties accountable for the damages they have caused. We will evaluate your case and aggressively fight to deliver the compensation you need and the respect you deserve.

We will evaluate the value of your case and your future needs. Guiding you every step of the way and keeping you informed of our progress. The insurance company does not want you to hire an attorney. They do not want you to understand what your case is worth. They may try to pressure you to sign away your rights before you even fully understand how bad you are injured. We believe injured victims deserve peace of mind and a time to heal. We will explain your rights and how we can help you recover. We will explain what to expect next.

Personal Injury cases can be handled by the injured party when the case is simple with limited injuries but what if doing it yourself means you lose. Over the years we have talked to thousands of injured victims that have signed away their rights and then discovered their injuries were more serious than they realized. Injured victims that did not realize they needed rehabilitation to recover. The insurance company failed to tell them about the lost wages they deserved when they were not able to return to work or about the compensation they deserved for pain & suffering. Injured victims struggling to heal and struggling with bills the insurance company should have paid. Our Free Consultation with no obligation takes the pressure off. If you can collect without hiring an attorney, we will tell you.

At Barnes Cohen & Sullivan we understand injured victims are often unable to come to our office. We will come to your home or hospital room.

At Barnes Cohen & Sullivan we are passionate about helping the injured.

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Barnes Cohen & Sullivan is a Jacksonville personal injury law firm dedicated to providing strong advocacy to personal injury clients throughout North Florida and South Georgia for over 40 years.

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