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We were there when a father was seriously injured by an industrial accident, we fought for the rights of parents when the doctor made a serious medical mistake causing brain damage to a newborn, we obtained the compensation a young man deserved when he was permanently injured by a careless driver, and we helped a family recover after the wrongful death of a father. When a victim was injured and lost her job, we obtained one of the highest settlements for a slip-and-fall case in North Florida.


 Personal Injury Attorneys

We believe that a great settlement is no Accident! We believe experience, dedication, determination and expert legal knowledge count. At Barnes Cohen & Sullivan, we have successfully defended the rights of the injured for over 35 years.

Below are just a few of our recent cases. Barnes Cohen & Sullivan does NOT Charge Attorney fees unless we win your case and we offer a FREE Case Review with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney.

Serious Brain & Spine Injuries

$1,819,000 Settlement For Industrial Accident

A tire changer received significant brain injuries following the explosion of a tire rim on the rig he was in the process of repairing. Two-year battle against tire manufacturer and owner of the rig resulted in settlement just before federal jury trial.

Automobile Accidents

$2.9 Million Settlement For Georgia Auto Accident January 2017

St. Marys, Georgia, auto accident with injuries. Jury verdict awarded one of the largest verdicts ever in Camden County, Georgia.

$1,367,000 Settlement For Death Of Physician In Automobile Accident

After lengthy litigation, defendants settled claim for death of physician leaving wife and three grown children.

Wrongful Death Of Shoe Store Manager Nets $1,650,000 Settlement

Following motor vehicle accident in central Florida, $1,650,000 settlement occasioned for widow and two minor children of a shoe store manager.

$675,000 Settlement Following Motor Vehicle Accident Requiring Neck Surgery

Male claimant, 45 years of age, employed as truck driver, received injuries necessitating cervical fusion. Settled without necessity of litigation.

$375,000 Settlement For Closed Head Injury Following Motor Vehicle Accident

Neurological testing showed minor brain damage to male claimant along with soft tissue, neck and back injuries.

$475,000 Settlement For Low-Back Surgery Following Motor Vehicle Accident

Surgery only partially successful. Claimant was wife and mother and was unable to perform household services and part-time job. Litigation resulted in settlement just before trial.

Trucking Accidents

$1,000,000 Settlement For Client Injured By Forklift

Jacksonville truck driver was awarded $1 million after injuries sustained when a forklift operator crashed into his truck while he was at work.

$650,000 Settlement For Truck Driver Injured In Accident With Semitractor-Trailer

Back surgery only partially successful. Plaintiff not able to return to job as truck driver.

$399,000 Settlement Following Collision Between Client’s Vehicle And Dump Truck

Surgery only partially successful. Claimant able to return to light duty work only but not to former employment. Settlement after litigation.

Premises Liability/Negligent Security

$4.2 million settlement to a negligent security victim of a shooting with serious injuries.

Medical Malpractice

$3,000,000 Settlement Against Hospital And Physicians For Brain Damage To Newborn

Damage to newborn caused by combined negligence of all defendants in not recognizing and treating infectious process in uterus during labor and delivery. Newborn diagnosed with neurological deficits. Claim settled before trial.

$2,000,000 Settlement For Patient who Suffered Permanent And Debilitating Injuries

Physicians and hospital in Jacksonville, Florida: Client was scheduled for vascular surgery to cure a non-life threatening arterial blockage. Physician, without obtaining proper consent, performed a stent replacement, which ultimately became infected and placed client in a life-threatening situation requiring major surgery. Client suffered permanent and debilitating injuries. Case was settled before trial, representing one of the most significant claims in the state of Florida based on informed consent.

$1,900,000 Settlement For Wrongful Death Of A Father

Wrongful death settlement against North Florida hospital: Descendant’s family received $1,900,000 for the death of husband and father as a result of various physicians and nursing staff’s negligence in failing to ascertain ruptured spleen following fall and improper treatment for lung problems after inhaling smoke in fire.

$1,125,000 Settlement For Paralyzed Patient

Settlement in excess of physicians insurance awarded to client paralyzed from the chest down. Neurosurgical negligence nets $1,125,000.00 in settlement after cervical fusion was improperly performed. Settlement accomplished without necessity of trial.

$1,900,000 Judgment For Client Who Underwent Needless Treatment

MDF v. numerous physicians and hospital in Georgia: Client was misdiagnosed with abdominal cancer and given significant doses of radiation treatments for cancerous growths. Later, it was discovered that the growth and tumor were noncancerous. The client suffered damage to her bowel, bladder and stomach due to needless radiation treatment. After lengthy litigation, the case was settled.

$650,000 Settlement For Georgia Victim Who Suffered Stroke

Georgia resident suffered a stroke after his family physician failed to properly monitor his Coumadin intake. Settlement against physician awarded victim $650,000.00.

$675,000 Settlement For Knee Surgery Complications

Georgia resident suffered complications due to negligence during knee replacement surgery.

$450,000 Settlement Against Pharmacy, Hospital And Physician

Settlement for overdosing patient on morphine for improperly and negligently prescribing lethal dose of morphine to hospital patient.

$450,000 The Virtual Extent Of Available Insurance For Physician

Client with small ulcer like growth on the bottom of his foot. This lesion continued to grow and in the face of an obvious serious situation, physician failed to properly and timely perform biopsy and tissue examination of lesion eventually resulting in systemic cancer that took the life of our client. Claim was settled for $450,000 the virtual extent of available insurance for physician.

Slip & Fall

$2,500,000 Jury Verdict Awarded To Slip & Fall Victim

MGH v. ABC Liquors: Female client slipped and fell on a broken bottle of liquor. Victim underwent unsuccessful back surgery leaving her with failed back syndrome. The 39-year-old victim eventually lost her job and was unable to work. Jury verdict: One of the highest slip-and-fall settlements in recent history of North Florida.

$1,000,000 Settlement Client Injured By Forklift

Jacksonville truck driver was awarded $1 million after injuries sustained when a forklift operator crashed into his truck while he was at work.

Personal Injury

$185,000 Settlement

Hospital patient who fell in an attempt to get out of bed after hospital staff failed to heed her numerous calls for assistance. Hip surgery ensued; settlement after litigation.

$250,000 Settlement

Patient who fell in mental health facility due to lack of restraint and surveillance.

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