Auto Accident-First Call  

Accident Victim Waits Outside of Her Car

Auto Accident-First Call 

Injured in an Auto Accident? Who do you call first?

Injured in an Auto Accident? Who should you call first after an Auto Accident? An Auto Accident Attorney or your Insurance Company? Your First Call after the police and emergency medical care! Call an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney. Call a law firm that you know and trust to walk you through this difficult time. Our experience at Barnes & Cohen Law Firm shows that often Injured Auto Accident victims are going through this for the very first time. Insurance Companies on the other hand deal with thousands of Auto Accidents every year. Don’t trust the insurance company to put you first.

Insurance Companies are fighting to give you as little money as possible. 

The Insurance Company may ask for a statement or ask you to sign away your rights before you even know how seriously you are injured.

  1. The Insurance Company will try and get you to make a statement that they can use against you later
  2. The Insurance Company will try to convince you that you don’t need a lawyer even though they have a team of experienced lawyers fighting against you
  3. The Insurance company will try to avoid paying you anything for loss of wages, pain & suffering, and future medical bills.
  4. The Insurance Company may try to convince you that your injuries are not serious.
  5. The Insurance company will try and give you less than what your car was worth before your car wreck. They will avoid full replacement value for your vehicle.

Auto Accident Attorneys are fighting to get you as much money as possible. 

The Advantage you get when You Call Barnes & Cohen an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney First Before you talk with your Insurance Company.  

  1. We Offer a Free Consultation
  2. We prepare our clients for that first call with the insurance company.
  3. We protect our clients from being taken advantage of, we warn them to never make a statement and never sign anything before you talk with an attorney.
  4. Proven Results – A Reputation for Winning Large Settlements and Jury Awards for victims injured in Auto Accidents
  5. No Fee Guarantee, We Win for you or your case is FREE.
  6. Experienced Attorneys Chuck Barnes & Glenn Cohen have been fighting for the rights of the Injured for over 40 years.
  7. Local Jacksonville Florida Personal Injury Attorneys We always recommend that you hire a local attorney. Some of Jacksonville’s largest firms are not headquartered in Jacksonville their attorney spokesman lives in another city 2 hours away. If you are searching for a Top Personal Injury Attorney in the Jacksonville Florida area or Kingsland/Camden County Georgia area Trust Barnes & Cohen.

First Steps After an Auto Accident

  1. Call the polices so they can file a report of what happened at the accident. This is especially important if there was any damage to your car or possibility of the other driver being drunk, on drugs or otherwise intoxicated. This documentation becomes essential later on and rarely gets disputed on a police report as fact. And if your car was damaged, the police report becomes an objective evaluation of what occurred, regardless of what the other party tries to assert after the fact.
  2. Get Medical Care as soon as possible. If you are able stay at the scene of the accident until the police are finished filling out the accident report. As soon as the police are finished with the report, don’t delay you only have 14 days to seek medical care in the state of Florida before benefits are slashed.
  3. Get the other party’s contact, license and insurance coverage information. Don’t talk much beyond exchanging contact info, and don’t discuss the accident with them. This helps avoid arguments and your statements that can be used against you.
  4. Try to find any witnesses who saw the accident and get their contact information, as well.
  5. Take a photograph of everything at the accident scene with your smartphone. Photograph your vehicle, the other party’s vehicle, and the surrounding area where the accident happened. If you see large skid marks, photograph those too, especially with nearby landmarks like stop signs, etc.
  6. Call an experienced Auto Accident Attorney. An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney will help you through this difficult time. At Barnes & Cohen we know how to handle the Insurance Company, we know how to evaluate your case to get you the most money with a Free Consultation and a No Fee Guarantee.
  7. Contact your insurance provider and give them all the details you have. Do not talk with or provide any information to the other party’s insurance company if they try to reach out (which they will, in an attempt to secure a low settlement, right away). And for both insurance companies, don’t sign anything until your attorney has reviewed the paperwork for your interests. Anything you accept ahead of time will block any subsequent legal filing after the fact, and that may mean lost coverage for additional injuries and losses you may not have been aware of at the time.

Auto Accident Fatalities Increase in Florida and Georgia

As Auto Accident Fatalities increase in a state the “Big Insurance Companies” increase your rates if you live in that state. You are paying higher premiums so you should make sure you get everything you are entitled to, everything you need to get back on track with your life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released estimates of Car Accident Fatalities for January through June of 2022. Florida Auto Accident fatalities increased 2% while Georgia Auto Accident fatalities increased 0.9%. Florida currently ranks #3 for the most Auto Accident Fatalities, Georgia follows at #4. According to research both Florida and Georgia are ranked in the top 10 for the most expensive rates in Auto Insurance in the nation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Auto Accident, Barnes & Cohen is on your side, we are here to help. Call us today for a Free Consultation. No need to delay getting the legal help you need with our No Fee Guarantee