Injured Auto Accident Victim

Injured Auto Accident Victim

Best Auto Accident Attorneys

Best Auto Accident Attorneys- Checklist. Experience, Reputation and Winning Results three of the most important qualities when you are searching for a Top Auto Accident Attorney. Barnes & Cohen is considered one of the Best Auto Accident Law Firms in Jacksonville Florida.  Chuck Barnes and Glenn Cohen have over 40 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured Auto Accident victims. Here is a quick checklist to help when you are searching for the Best Auto Accident Attorneys.

Best Auto Accident Attorneys -Checklist

  1. Does the Attorney have experience?
  2. Is the Attorney a Trial Lawyer also known as a litigator?
  3. Is the Attorney Local?
  4. Does the Attorney have a Good Reputation?
  5. Does the Attorney have Winning Results for Auto Accidents?
  6. Does the Attorney specialize in Personal Injury cases?
  7. Is the Attorney willing to meet with you for a Quality- Free Consultation?
  8. Does the Attorney Offer a No Fee Unless We Win Guarantee?
  9. Is the Attorney Licensed by the Florida Bar? Or if your Auto Accident was in Georgia licensed by the Georgia Bar?
  10. Is the Attorney interested and caring when you talk about your injuries?


Auto Accidents are on the rise. National traffic fatalities have increased significantly. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has predicted a 12% increase in deaths related to Auto Accidents. The most dramatic increase in Auto Crash Fatalities since 2006. If you are searching for an Auto Accident Attorney read over our checklist and the descriptions below.

Does the Attorney Have Experience?

Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys get the best results the highest compensation for your injuries. An experienced auto accident attorney will know how to look at every angle of insurance coverage, gather evidence and investigate. An experienced attorney will have the legal knowledge to evaluate economic and non-economic needs of a seriously injured auto accident victim. Auto Accident Attorneys with years of experience will evaluate future expenses associated with the accident. Barnes & Cohen will aggressively work to uncover all of the compensation you deserve including economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages can include car repairs, rental car expenses, car replacement, medical expenses, medical equipment, hospitalization, in-home health care, physical therapy, medications, emergency transportation, home modifications, loss of wages, loss of benefits and future medical expenses. Non-economic damages may include loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship, emotional stress, pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Is the Attorney a Trial Lawyer also known as a Litigator?

It may surprise you to know many Personal Injury Attorneys have never brought a case to Trail. An attorney without experience as a trial lawyer will settle for less compensation rather than risk going to trial and losing. Trail Law or Litigation is considered by many in the legal profession to be the most difficult area of Law. Going to trail with an Auto Accident case is expensive. An expense the Law Firm handling your case will take on.   If you have been seriously injured in an Auto Accident, make sure the attorney you hire has experience as a trail lawyer. Big Insurance companies know which local attorneys have experience in the courtroom and which attorneys will settle for less compensation.  The insurance company lawyers immediately recognize an inexperienced attorney. Insurance companies will use that inexperience against the auto accident victim. Barnes & Cohen Trail Lawyers in Jacksonville Florida and South Georgia have over 40 years of experience at the negotiation table and in the courtroom.

Is the Attorney Local?

Local Auto Accident Attorneys have a home field advantage. We often say, “Know Your Lawyer.” Local Jacksonville Florida Attorneys Chuck Barnes & Glenn Cohen participate in every Barnes & Cohen case their legal knowledge and experience matter. Chuck Barnes & Glenn Cohen grew up in Jacksonville Florida they have been friends since kindergarten. Injured in Florida, make sure you hire a local attorney licensed by the Florida Bar. Barnes & Cohen serves injury victims in Jacksonville Florida, Jacksonville Beach Florida, Fernandina Florida, MacClenny Florida, Lake City Florida, St Augustine Florida and throughout North Florida.

Injured in Georgia, make sure you hire a local attorney licensed by the Georgia Bar. Barnes & Cohen serves injured victims in St Marys Georgia, Kingsland Georgia, Camden County Georgia, Woodbine Georgia, Waycross Georgia, and Folkston. Our South Georgia office is located in Kingsland Georgia.

Does the Attorney and the Law Firm they represent have a Good Reputation?

A lawsuit can often be a lengthy process. Be sure the Attorney and the Law Firm have a good reputation. Trust is important. If you have been seriously injured in an Auto Accident millions of dollars are at stake you need an attorney with Integrity and with a good reputation. Barnes & Cohen has an outstanding reputation for winning large settlements and multi-million-dollar jury awards.

Does the Attorney have Winning Results for Auto Accidents?

If you have been seriously injured in an Auto Accident winning results is essential for your family’s financial future. Once you sign on the dotted line with the insurance company you are negotiating away valuable rights. Trust your case to an experienced trial lawyer with proven results. Some of our recent case results are listed on our website.

Does the Attorney Offer a Quality- Free Consultation and a No Fee Unless We Win Guarantee? 

A “Free Consultation” and a “No Fee Unless We Win” are both typical offers from most Personal Injury Attorneys. When choosing an Auto Accident Attorney first make sure the Free Consultation includes a good case review and an opportunity to meet the attorney that will be handling your case. “No Fee Unless We Win” may set your mind at ease but don’t forget if the Auto Accident Attorney you hire fails to win your case you have lost your ability to recover financial compensation. We suggest you go over the checklist to be sure the Auto Accident Attorney you hire the right

Is the Attorney Caring and Interested?

Is the Attorney Caring and Interested, when you talk about your injuries, medical bills and your future physical and financial challenges? Working with thousands of injured clients over the last 40 years Barnes & Cohen understands that seriously injured car crash victims face a difficult road to recovery. We understand the financial and emotional pressures facing your family.

Injured in an Auto Accident?

Insurance is a business, and that business is more profitable when payments to accident victims are as small as possible. Don’t be fooled by the insurance adjuster who sounds compassionate or anxious to help you. Don’t make statements or agreements that are against your best interest.


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