Brunswick Georgia Hazing Injury 

A Brunswick Georgia Hazing Injury has put a young man in the hospital. The young man was dropped off at the local hospital by three teens. Trent Lehrkamp, the 19-year-old victim, appears to have been abused by the teens. Lehrkamp had ingested a large amount of alcohol and antidepressants. The young man was covered in spray paint and had a bruise on his shoulder. A photo was taken of Lehrkamp which shows the heartbreaking abuse the young man was put through. Trent was unresponsive when he was dropped off at the hospital. The three teens gave their names and then left the hospital.

Hazing, Teens Just Want to Belong.

According to Trent’s father he just wanted to belong. The incident reportedly occurred at a house party on Saint Simons Island. Trent had previously encountered an abusive incident at this same location with this same group of juveniles. Apparently, this group of sick individuals posed for a photo after strapping Trent to a chair and covering him with WD-40, glue, spray paint, urine, egg and vomit. The teens posed behind Trent strapped in the chair covered in a gross combination of liquids, proudly giving the camera the middle finger.

Trent Lehrkamp fortunately is recovering.

Trent Lehrkamp is recovering in the ICU. He was dropped off close to death barely breathing and placed on a ventilator. The Police department reported a high level of drugs and alcohol were forum in his system. The young man is now alert and able to speak with the police. The incident is being investigated but no arrest has been made.

Justice for Trent Lehrkamp

A vigil was held where friends and family members gathered to call for Justice for Trent. The teens that tortured Trent did not commit a harmless prank. Barnes and Cohen Personal Injury Attorneys believe that those responsible for this young man’s serious injuries should be held accountable. They not only humiliated and abused the young man they left him close to death. How did the teens obtain alcohol and pills? The Brunswick Georgia hazing injury could have been stopped. Just like hazing incidents and bullying incidents across our high school and college campuses how many adults are negligent and just looking the other way.

Should the parents of these young teens be held responsible along with their misguided abusive teens?

Were the parents aware that their home was being used for underage drinking?

Were the parents aware that their sons were bullying another teen?  

Bullying can lead to more serious crimes.

Michigan parents James and Jennifer Crumbley have been charged with manslaughter for the mass shooting their son committed at his Oxford County High School. The teen asked for help and the parents ignored his plea and even purchased a gun for his Christmas present. Major warning signs were ignored by the parents. School authorities attempted to sound the alarm the day before the mass shooting but they were met with uncooperative parents that failed to be open and honest with school administrators.

Hazing is Against the Law

According to Florida Laws against Hazing you can be charged with a third-degree felony. The consent of the victim will not be an acceptable plea in court. Georgia’s laws are not as tough. In Georgia you can be charged with a misdemeanor but if the hazing incident results in serious injury or death you can be charged with a more serious charge. Several tougher bills have been introduced in Georgia.

Hazing a Dangerous Tradition that is Killing our College Students.

Stone Foltz died of alcohol poisoning while pledging for a fraternity at Ohio’s Bowling Green State University in 2021. His parents will receive $3 million in a lawsuit settlement against the University. In their lawsuit his parents accused the school of failing to stop hazing in fraternities and sororities despite being aware of it. The students involved faced criminal charges.

Hazing Injury

Hazing causes serious injuries

Hazing Has Been Ignored by Those Charged with Looking after Our Kids.

Colleges, Administrators, Fraternities, Fraternity Member, Fraternity Executives and Chapter Advisors are Being Held Financially Liable for the Deaths and Injuries of Students Pledging.

Parents across the country are winning lawsuits against Universities that have failed for decades to prevent hazing. Promising young students mostly men are killed or left with permanent serious injuries. The students involved that have encouraged the hazing are facing jail time and careers that will be limited by their criminal records. According to the “Hazing Prevention Network” 50% of college students who are involved in a club or fraternity faced hazing. At least 26% participated in a drinking game while 12% admitted passing out and or getting sick from large amounts of alcohol.

Bullying and Hazing Has Become a Serious Threat to Our College and High School Students.

Unfortunately, Tik Toc and other social media sites have become a place where kids glorify bullying. Parents, School Administrators and School Counselors must reach out to those being bullied and those responsible for the bullying.

Barnes and Cohen Cares we hold the negligent accountable for the harm they have caused.