Daycare Closed Abuse Alleged

Daycare Closed Abuse Alleged in Starke Florida. Serious Abuse Allegations have been made against the staff at a Starke Daycare. The closed Starke Daycare has a history of abuse violations dating back to 2015. An emergency closure was issued after a recording of several staff members surfaced. Courtney Brooke Jones was charged after she was recorded threatening, “I will grab you by the throat and choke slam you.” Brooke’s is alleged to have made this statement to a 4-year-old. Another teacher appears to agree with Brookes saying, “that’s why we put them in the yard.” Reports show a common practice of the daycare was to leave the small children alone in the yard as punishment.

Sadly, the threats from Brooke’s was not an isolated incident. Staff reportedly squeezed the cheeks of children firmly and threatened them with a stapler. A life-size monster was brought out of the closet to frighten the small children who misbehaved. Complaints from a mother of one toddler alleges older children left bruises on her son’s face. Multiple allegations of abuse date back to 2015.

Warning! Daycare Abuse is on the Rise in Florida and Georgia.

Daycare Negligence has grown at an alarming rate over the last 2 years. When we trust Daycare workers to care for our children and they fail to maintain a reasonable level of care, we have a legal right to hold that daycare accountable. At Barnes & Cohen Personal Injury Attorneys we have seen first-hand the tragic effects of Daycare neglect and abuse. Serious injuries and even death have occurred at daycares in Jacksonville, Florida, South Georgia and the surrounding counties. We have put together a list of warning signs along with links to resources to help parents evaluate their child’s current facility or find a new one. Keep in mind the Starke Daycare continued to operate after serious abuse allegations surfaced in 2015.

Brunswick, Georgia- Daycare Owner Arrested

A Daycare Director/Co-Owner was arrested and charged with battery. The owner allegedly slapped a child in the face. The daycare administrator reported the slap to the small child’s mother. She said, the slap was so hard the child was knocked to the ground. The mother could still see the handprint on her child’s face hours after the slap had occurred. The mother was not informed of the incident until she went later that day to pick her little girl up from the daycare. The incident allegedly occurred around 10 or 11 am. The mother called the police and reported the incident. The mother and the police should have been called immediately.

Child Abuse and Neglect- Mandatory Reporters

Child Abuse is tragic, everyone has a responsibility to report Child Abuse. Some occupations are required by Law to report Child Abuse.

Report Daycare Abuse

Report Daycare Abuse Hold Negligent Daycare Staff and Daycare Owners Accountable.

The list varies in each state. Georgia has an extensive list of mandatory reporters including daycare staff, medical workers, teachers, clergy and law enforcement. The Georgia law includes a 24-hour time limit for reporting the abuse. Mandatory Reporters in the state of Florida includes a list of those required to report child abuse/neglect and elder abuse. If your occupation is on one of the lists in your state failure to report child abuse or neglect could result in your arrest.

Daycare Abuse and Neglect Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

If your child has suffered harm at a Daycare, a serious injury, sexual abuse or child neglect, Barnes & Cohen is here to help you fight for the justice you and your children so rightly deserve. Unfortunately, the signs of daycare abuse aren’t always apparent. It is important that parents are knowledgeable about what to look out for. Monitor your child’s daycare with drop in visits, view the live camera feed if this option is available. Observe and communicate with your child.

If your child has experienced a serious injury at a daycare facility or if you suspect serious abuse or negligence we are here to help. Don’t ignore the warning signs contact Barnes & Cohen today for a free consultation.

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