Deadly Auto Accident claims the life of three family members and leaves a fourth family member in critical condition. The DUI driver responsible for this tragedy was treated at the scene and taken into custody by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. The Auto Accident occurred in the Arlington section of Jacksonville, Florida at the intersection of Merrill Road and Hartsfield Road.

The family was obeying the law driving the speed limit, Orlando Lopez Vazquez was driving the wrong way, speeding and intoxicated when he ran a red light and plowed into the family. Vazquez was driving a Ford F-250 at speeds reported at 100 MPH. The large vehicle caused massive damage to the Honda Fit the family was riding in.

Vazquez is a repeat offender with a prior DUI charge from 2020. In that incident Vazquez was driving erratic on Beach Blvd when he drove over a curb. He was pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol. Sadly, Vazquez was only sentenced to probation. Prosecutors in this case have requested no bond. Vazquez has been charged with DUI Manslaughter.

Reach Our Teens with This Message

High Schools in Florida and Georgia are trying to reach teens before Drinking and Driving becomes an acceptable option in their lives. Events have been staged

Deadly Auto Accidents

Deadly Auto Accidents Caused by Drunk Driving

challenging high school students to think twice before they drink and drive. The events utilize a crash dummy or students with mock injuries. A wrecked car is on the scene to show students they will be risking their lives and the lives of their friends when they drink and drive.

DUI Auto Accidents Claim Innocent Victims in Jacksonville Florida.

DUI Auto Accidents have killed and seriously injured innocent victims in Jacksonville Florida, Clay County Florida, St Johns County Florida, South Georgia and throughout the United States. Running redlights, driving on the wrong side of the road and operating their vehicle at excessive speeds, the offenses put all of us in danger. There is very little innocent victims can do to protect themselves against these intoxicated drivers. We have listed a few of the recent DUI Auto Crashes in our area.

December 2022 a Navy Sailor stationed at NAS killed a motorcyclist when he was driving at a high rate of speed intoxicated.

July 2023 a Jacksonville Florida mother and her young daughter suffered serious injuries after a 78-year-old man plowed into them. He was intoxicated and driving on the wrong side of the road.

August 2023 a Clay County Firefighter faces DUI charges after she plowed into a 20-year-old man.


Repeat Offenders Must Be Stopped!

Barnes and Cohen Auto Accident Attorneys have been fighting for Auto Accident victims since 1974. We have seen the damage caused by DUI drivers; we have seen far too many repeat offenders.  Repeat offenders continue to cause serious Auto Accidents on our roads. Florida has passed a new 2022 law “Habitual Traffic Offender” to hold drivers with repeat offenses accountable. The Florida Law defines a “Habitual Traffic Offender” as any person that has accumulated the specified number of convictions within a 5-year period.

30% of DUI Drivers Arrested are Repeat Offenders

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration they estimate 30% of DUI Drivers are repeat offenders. Some states reported a rate as high as 47% of DUI Drivers were repeat offenders. Clearly, repeat offenders are driving over and over again intoxicated until they cause a serious Auto Accident or until they drive bad enough to draw the attention of a police officer.

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