Deadly Auto Accident Buckman Bridge

Deadly Auto Accident Buckman Bridge

Deadly Auto Accident Jacksonville Florida Buckman Bridge

Deadly Auto Accident on a dangerous bridge in Jacksonville Florida has brought attention to the safety of Buckman Bridge. A Jacksonville Florida man died in a tragic Auto Accident on Buckman Bridge. His pick-up truck was rear ended. The 61-year-old victim was hit by a Road Ranger early Tuesday morning. The deadly crash sent his vehicle into the guardrail. The victim’s pick-up truck flipped over the rail crashing into the water below. Skid marks were seen at the scene. The 23-year-old Road Ranger that rear-ended the victim had minor injuries in the crash. The Florida Highway Patrol along with the Florida Department of Transportation will be investigating this deadly Auto Accident.

Deadly Auto Accident Risk Jacksonville’s Buckman Bridge?

The Florida Department of Transportation is reviewing the safety of the Buckman Bridge after the Auto Accident that killed a Jacksonville man when his pick-up truck flipped over the guardrails. This is not the first time that the safety of the Buckman Bridge has been questioned. The safety review will include the height and strength of the guardrails on the bridge. The FDOT reviewed possible designs to help prevent deadly Auto Accidents on the bridge in 2015. The possible design changes the study looked at included Increasing the height of the guardrails and replacing the guardrails.


Buckman Bridge Auto Accident Reports

Buckman Bridge Auto Accident Reports from 2009-2014 show a total of 1,199 Auto Crashes on the Bridge, 451 Auto Accidents with Injuries and 12 Fatal Auto Accidents. In 2014 a similar Auto Accident on the Buckman Bridge turned fatal when a 48-year-old man was struck by a speeding vehicle from behind when he attempted to slow down for traffic. His pick-up truck spun off the side of the bridge. Another Deadly Auto Accident in 1999 also involved a pick-up truck that was attempting to avoid crashing into another auto when the vehicle flipped off the bridge. Two people were killed in that incident.

In 2022 the story ended with the heroic rescue of a 20-year-old woman after her car plunged off of the Buckman Bridge. She was reported to have been driving in the wrong direction when she crashed into a guardrail and then flipping off the bridge. She was rescued by a heroic bystander before her vehicle completely sank.

Buckman Bridge Safety Changes in 2020 to Help Prevent Deadly Auto Accidents.

Florida Department of Transportation safety changes to the Buckman Bridge in 2020 included reducing the size of lanes to create an emergency shoulder. The speed limit was reduced from 65 mph to 55 mph.


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