Fatal Auto Crash July 4th Weekend   

A Fatal Auto Crash July 4th Weekend has claimed the lives of 4 people. Camden County was the scene of a tragic multi-vehicle crash which began when a tractor-trailer driver lost control of his semi at the Georgia-Florida line.

According to the Georgia State Patrol the tractor-trailer driver is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. The tractor-trailer driver lost control of his vehicle on I-95 and struck a Nissan Armada. The semi -truck then struck a Chevrolet Silverado truck. The tractor-trailer continued through the median into oncoming traffic crashing into a Honda Pilot, a Nissan Xterra and another Peterbilt tractor-trailer.  At least 12 people were transported to UF Health in Jacksonville, Florida. Two people in the Honda Pilot were transported to the hospital where they died from injuries sustained in the crash. Two passengers in the Tractor-trailer which caused this crash died on the scene.

Fatal Auto Crash

A Fatal Auto Crash at the Georgia-Florida Line

Tragically, 4 people died in this crash, 12 were transported to the hospital. It is unclear at this time how seriously the other victims are injured.

This tragic crash occurred on Friday afternoon July 2nd around 2:30 p.m. Just as many of us were taking off work early preparing to celebrate a long weekend a tractor-trailer driver according to the initial investigation, attempted to Drive Under the Influence with the weight and lethal destructive power of a Semi truck. Data shows that between 2016-2020 41% of the fatal July 4th auto crashes were caused by Drunk drivers according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The tractor-trailer drivers we know are hardworking, responsible, careful drivers. Most tractor-trailer drivers are keenly aware of the potentially destructive power when they are behind the wheel. We are all saddened by this tragic crash, the loss of lives, the families suffering and the physical and emotional pain impacting the survivors.

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