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Jacksonville Injury Lawyers, Barnes & Cohen answers your questions about Personal Injury and Money. How much does it cost to hire a Personal Injury Attorney? How much do I have to pay to speak with an attorney? How can I change attorneys, I am not happy with their service? Will I get more money from a large law firm or a small law firm? The insurance company is telling me my injuries are minor, should I settle for less money? Do I need an Attorney for an Auto Accident?  As experienced Personal Injury Attorneys we often hear questions about money as it relates to Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Slip & Falls, Trucking Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Dog Bite Injuries, Nursing Home Abuse, Pedestrian Accidents, Bicycle Accidents and Premise Liability Injuries.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

No Fee Unless We Win Guarantee!

You may have heard a Personal Injury Attorney on TV with the slogan “No Fee Unless We Win Guarantee!” or “No Fee It’s Free Unless We Win Your Case!” When you hear a Personal Injury Attorney on TV making that promise they are only offering what we all Personal Injury Attorneys do. Personal Injury Attorneys work on a contingency contract.  That means we spend our money fighting for you, fighting for your rights. Barnes & Cohen will investigate, research and handle the insurance company for you. Our percentage is agreed upon in advance. We work hard to maximize the money you get.

Can I Change Personal Injury Attorneys if I feel they are not doing a good job on my case?

If you are unhappy the Personal Injury Attorney you hired, you have a legal right to change attorneys. According to the Florida Bar regulations, when you advise an attorney that you have legal representation other attorneys and law firm’s attorneys are not allowed to speak with you until you fire that attorney.  The rule applies even though the represented person initiates or consents to the communication. A lawyer must immediately terminate communication with a person if, after commencing communication, the lawyer learns that the person is one with whom communication is not permitted.

How do I Change Personal Injury Attorneys?

If you decide to fire your Personal Injury Attorney, write a formal letter stating that you are terminating their services. Let the attorney know you will be requesting that all of your files are sent to your new attorney. The letter should be mailed, or you may wish to hand deliver the letter. Make sure that you keep a copy for your records. You may wish to give a reason for this termination. We receive calls frequently from clients that are unhappy with the Personal Injury Attorney they hired.

Will I Get More Money if I Hire a Large Law Firm or a Small Law Firm?

At Barnes & Cohen we often say, “Big Enough to Fight Small Enough to Care.” We could also add Big Enough to Fight Experienced Enough to Win. We believe experience counts. We frequently receive calls from injured folks unhappy with Big Law Firm service, unhappy with the inexperienced attorney that was assigned to their case, unhappy that they never return phone calls and unhappy for the unkind uncaring things the attorney or their staff said. We believe experience, proven results and personal service make a difference.

The Insurance Company Is Telling Me My Injuries Are Minor and I Don’t Need an Attorney. Should I Settle for Less.

Insurance Companies use scare tactics and manipulation to keep you from getting all the money you deserve. Big Insurance Companies hire Experienced Lawyers to fight against the injured. At Barnes & Cohen we advise Injured victims “Do Not Make a Statement to the Insurance Company” Don’t Sign Away Your Rights Before You Call us for a Free Consultation.” Big Insurance Companies will try to offer you less for your car. Insurance Companies never volunteer to cover your future medical expenses. Insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible cutting out as many of the benefits you deserve. At Barnes & Cohen we will tell you if you don’t need an attorney. If you have a minor car fender bender and there are no injuries in your vehicle you probably don’t need the help of an attorney. A Free Consultation will clear up your questions and get you started back on track.

What is my Auto Accident Case Worth?

Auto Accident Victims may be entitled to economic compensation and medical expenses for the following: Medical Treatment, Physical Therapy, Home Health Care, Nursing Home Care, Rehabilitation Center, Wrongful Death, Lost Wages, Loss of Retirement, Loss of Enjoyment of Life, Loss of Companionship, Loss of Benefits, Prescriptions, Future Medical Expenses, Wound Care, Home Modifications, Pain & Suffering, Medical Equipment, Rental Car, Car Replacement Value, Car Repairs and other various expenses.

Injured in an Auto or Motor Vehicle Accident, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, Slip & Fall or a Dog Bite Injury.  

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