Accident Do's & Don'ts

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Barnes Cohen & Sullivan Accident Tips are here to Help You in an Emergency Situation


Auto Accident- Prompt Action is Essential in Your Case:


  • Call the Police
  • If Injured Seek Medical Attention Promptly
  • Tell Your Doctor About All Injuries Including a History of Similar Ones
  • Take Photos of the Damage to Your Vehicle and All Other Vehicles Involved
  • Take Photos of the Area Where the Accident Occurred
  • Promptly Write Down Anything You or Other Family Members or Friends Can Remember About the Accident. How it Happened? Include Details They May Be Important Later.
  • Names of Witnesses- Get Phone Numbers if possible.
  • Do Not Leave the Scene Unless You Need Immediate Medical Attention
  • Do NOT MAKE A STATEMENT to The Other Drivers Insurance Company
  • DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. Insurance companies will try to limit your compensation. They may even try to convince you to sign away your rights while you are still in the hospital. Our experience shows injured victims often don’t realize how serious their injuries are until days or even weeks after the accident.
  • Consult with a Qualified, Experienced and Trustworthy Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible. We provide a Free Consultation and if you do not need an attorney we will tell you. Take a Look at the Benefits of a Barnes Cohen & Sullivan Free Consultation.

In Case Of An Emergency – Be Prepared

  • Place an Emergency Information Form in your glove compartment.
    • Download and fill out the form attached below for each member of your family.
    • Add Contact numbers and health alerts- essential to help Emergency workers if you are ever in a serious accident.
  • Emergency Information-Attach to YOUR CHILD’S CAR SEAT
    • Download and print the form attached below on adhesive paper
    • Add your child’s name, a trusted adult contact other Emergency Information
    • USE the Arrows to direct Emergency Workers attention to the information on your form.

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