May-Motorcycle Safety Awareness

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness. Motorcyclist Accident Fatalities far outweigh Auto Accident Fatalities when you consider they only represent 3% of the registered vehicles on our roadways but 14% of the fatal accidents in our nation. Barnes & Cohen Motorcycle Accident Attorneys help injured motorcycle accident victims and their families recover after devastating motorcycle injuries. We have family members, staff and friends that ride motorcycles. This gives us a special concern for motorcycle riders and the problems they encounter on our roadways.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness

Chuck Barnes & Glenn Cohen May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness

“Look Twice Save a Life”

“Look Twice Save a Life” has become a slogan for Motorcycle safety awareness. Research shows one of the leading causes of fatal motorcycle accidents is distracted drivers fail to see motorcycles when they turn left or change lanes. Recently here in Jacksonville a man was killed by a driver turning left into his motorcycle. This fatal motorcycle crash happened on Airport Service Road Sunday April 10th around 1 A.M. The driver of a pickup truck was heading east on the Airport Service Road when he attempted to make a left hand turn onto the main road crashing into the motorcyclist. The motorcycle then swerved into an SUV. The motorcyclist was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Increased Dramatically among Riders 55+

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents increased 37% among motorcyclist over 55 years of age. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 35% of motorcyclist fatalities are over 55 years of age. The trend has changed dramatically since 1975 when 80% of motorcycle fatalities involved 29-years-old or younger. The older riders are often retired, they take safety seriously.

Motorcycle Safety Course

Today’s motorcycles are larger and more powerful. If riding a motorcycle is new for you or if you are riding a motorcycle again after a long break, consider one of the many safety courses offered around Jacksonville, Florida. Motorcycle Safety Courses are listed online by the Florida Highway Safety and motorcyclist. Florida law requires a motorcycle safety course with a curriculum developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for anyone seeking a motorcycle license or endorsement.

Motorcycle Accident Fatalities in Florida Have Doubled Since 2001

Motorcycle Accident Fatalities in Florida continue to increase every year the number of fatalities since 2001 have doubled. In 2001 motorcycle fatalities accounted for 247 deaths. The deaths from Motorcycle accidents in the state of Florida rose to 567 in 2021. Nationwide motorcycle fatalities rose by 11% in 2020.

May- Motorcycle Safety Awareness Let’s All Work Together to Lower the Number of Motorcycle Fatalities 

  • Yield to Motorcycles when turning left. Remember to Look more carefully for a motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian.
  • Remember drivers often misjudge a motorcycles speed and distance due to their small size.
  • Don’t Drive Distracted Cellphones are the #1 distraction for Drivers.
  • Motorcycles have the same rights as other vehicles. Motorcycles have a right to the full width of the lane.
  • Check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes. The biggest reason drivers crash into motorcycles is they fail to them.
  • Allow a larger distance when following a motorcycle
  • Never turn when your view is obstructed. Proceed with caution
  • Do not assume a motorcycle is turning even if they have their blinker on.


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