Muhammed Ali, the three-time World Heavyweight Champion Boxer passed away surrounded by his family at the age of 74. Loved and admired around the world condolences went out to his family and friends from those he loved and even those he defeated in the ring. George Foreman tweeted “It’s been said it was Rope a Dope, Ali beat me with no his beauty that beat me. Most beauty I’ve known loved him.” Michael J Fox commented on his Foundation website, “Muhammed was a true legend-a champion in the boxing ring, and a champion for millions of Parkinson’s families. We looked up to him as an example of grace and courage in the face of great challenges.” Muhammed suffered courageously with Parkinson’s disease. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar posted on his Facebook “I have met hundreds of renowned celebrities, artists, athletes, and world leaders. But only a handful embodied the self-sacrificing and heroic qualities that defined my friend and mentor, Muhammad Ali.” Muhammed Ali proclaimed I am, “The Greatest” in the eyes of fans, friends and family Muhammed lived up to that claim.