New Year’s Car Crash kills 3 in Columbia County. The New Year’s Day car crash claimed the lives of 3, involved 21 cars and 45 people with multiple people injured. Five rescue vehicles were used to transport the injured. Some of the injured victims drove themselves to area medical facilities. The New Year’s Day crash is being described as a Chain reaction. The crash occurred around 12:30 a.m. Sunday on I-75 near the 441 Exit.

The 21 vehicles were all traveling North on I-75 when a series of collisions occurred causing a chain reaction. The list of vehicles include Nissan Altima, a Toyota Camry, a Subaru Outback, a Chevrolet Suburban, a Kia Soul, a Ford Maverick pick-up Truck, A Ford Mustang, Dodge Ram, A Lincoln Navigator, A Dodge Ram, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Rav4, a Nissan Van with a trailer, a Lexus RX 350, a Lexus RX 300, a  Nissan Sentra, and a Charter bus with 15 passengers onboard.

The victims killed in this tragic crash were from Chicago, Illinois. The victims include one woman and two men.

The Florida Highway Patrol are planning a large-scale investigation. The investigation of the deadly New Year’s Day crash is expected to bring facts, data and details of what caused the crash and the exact number of injured victims. Some of the victims drove themselves to nearby medical facilities or were driven by someone else. It took over 12 hours for the vehicles to be cleared from I-75.

In the Event of a Car Crash ECI

In the Event of a serious Car Crash ECI will help law enforcement contact loved ones.

The Florida Highway patrol encourages everyone to update their Emergency Contact Information.  If you hold a current Florida Drivers License or Florida Identification card this service is available to you. If you are ever seriously injured in a car accident this information on file would allow law enforcement to contact family members or loved ones quickly. This information could be crucial especially if small children or an infant were left without a parent that could communicate their wishes. In addition to this form keep your cell phone updated with those you wish to designate as Emergency Contacts. Your cell phone could be lost or difficult to locate in the event of an accident so please fill out the form as an added precaution.


The Florida Highway Patrol is always mindful of the increase in Car Accidents over the holidays. Every year they work diligently to decrease the alarming number of fatal car Accidents that occur on our roadways during the holiday season. The tips they give are beneficial to remember throughout the year. In addition to safety tips.

  • ALWAYS Wear a Seatbelt
  • Never Drive Impaired
  • Don’t Drive Distracted – Put down your cell phone
  • Check Your Tires
  • Observe the Speed Limit

At Barnes & Cohen our 40 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured auto accident victims remind us everyday that seatbelts often prevent auto accident victims from being injured more seriously or even killed in an auto crash. Seatbelts save lives and yet every year people die needlessly, and people are injured more seriously because they failed to buckle up. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, 47% of the passengers killed in Auto Crashes were not wearing seatbelts. Here in South Georgia and North Florida we have seen accidents involving teens that died when they were ejected from their cars in a crash, a father died when he was ejected from his vehicle while his one-year-old survived the crash with no injuries in his car seat, the sad stories continue to rob families of their loved ones. An estimated 2,549 people across nation could have been saved in 2019 if they had buckled up. Not only does Buckling up save lives it helps prevent serious injuries in minor accidents. NHSTA estimate 50% of people seriously injured in a car crash could have walked away without a scratch if they had been wearing a seatbelt.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year! We hope your New Year is Accident Free but if you or your loved ones experience an injury in an Auto Accident, Trucking Accident, Commercial Vehicle Accident,  Motorcycle Accident, Bicycle Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Dog Bite Attack, Slip & Fall, Premises Liability, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse Barnes & Cohen is here help with a Free Consultation.

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