Pedestrian Accident Fatalities Increase

Pedestrian Fatalities Increase

Pedestrian Fatalities Increase Florida Ranks #2

Pedestrian Accident Fatalities Increase nationwide. Jacksonville Florida’s Barnes & Cohen Pedestrian Accident Attorneys examine the facts and give helpful tips for preventing Pedestrian Accidents and what to do if you or a loved one is injured in a Pedestrian Accident. Pedestrian Accidents have claimed the lives of 7,485 people in 2021. Reaching a new 40 year high according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association. Florida has ranked number 2 in the nation for the largest number of Pedestrian Accident Fatalities for 3 years in a row. Pedestrian Accident Fatalities increase in Florida every year. Jacksonville Florida is also seeing Pedestrian Accident Fatalities Increase. According to the Florida Highway and Safety and Motor Vehicles Jacksonville ranks among the top areas in Florida with 419 Pedestrian Accidents from January 1,2022 through October 25th, 2022. Pedestrian accident fatalities increase revealing 45 in 2021 a record number. Pedestrian Accident fatalities in Jacksonville during 2022 have claimed 36 lives.

Pedestrian Accident claims the Life of a 2-year-old Child and seriously Injures Teen.

Recently in the Jacksonville, Florida area, a two-year-old girl and her 16-year-old brother, were attempting to cross A1A in Ponte Vedra when they were hit by a car. The two-year-old girl and her brother were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The two-year-old died. Her brother was seriously injured. The children were walking home at the time of the accident. The driver stayed at the scene and was cooperating with the police.

A 39-year-old man was killed as he attempted to cross Blanding Blvd North of Hicks Road. The driver remained at the scene. Sadly, this was the second Pedestrian fatality on Blanding Blvd. The second Pedestrian Accident fatality occurred at Blanding and Parkwood Drive.

Pedestrian Accidents often cause serious injuries and death

Pedestrian Accidents often cause serious injuries and death. Barnes & Cohen Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida have seen the devastation caused when pedestrians are injured in an accident. Too often negligent drivers are speeding, distracted by their cellphone, and failing to focus on driving safely.

Help Prevent Pedestrian Accidents.

  1. Speeding is the #1 factor in Pedestrian Accidents
  2. Alcohol is a factor 41% of the time 10% only the driver is impaired, 6% both the driver and the Pedestrian are impaired and 25% only the pedestrian is impaired.
  3. Distracted Driving -Never use a handheld cellphone while driving. It is better if you never get distracted by talking on your cellphone. Remember it is illegal to talk on a handheld cellphone while in a school zone or a construction zone.
  4. Never text and Drive
  5. Never attempt to read your text or E-mails while driving
  6. Failing to Yield is one of the top factors in Pedestrian Accidents. Always stop at crosswalks for pedestrians it is the law.
  7. Watch out for children. Children under the age of 15 are victims of Pedestrian Accidents at a much higher rate than any other age group. While children accounted for the highest percentage of Pedestrian Accidents according to the Center for Disease Control- 20% and the second highest age group for Pedestrian Accident Deaths at 17 %.
  8. Watch out for the Elderly and give them plenty of time to cross the street. People over the age of 65 accounted for an alarming 20% of Pedestrian Accident Fatalities. Vision, hearing and slower reflexes may cause an older individual to misjudge distance or not even see the approaching vehicle.


Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney  

Pedestrian Accidents often cause serious injuries and death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Pedestrian Accident you need an Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney.

Why Do You Need an Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Experience Makes a Difference When You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Experience, Dedication, Personal Service and a record of Proven Results is the difference between an OK settlement and Thousands of Dollars or even Millions  of Dollars more. If you have been injured in a Pedestrian Accident, put our experience to work for you. Call us today for a Free Consultation.

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