Slip and Fall Accident-Facts 

Slip and Fall Accident-Facts will help you get answers after a Slip and Fall Accident. Have you been Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident? According to the Center for Disease Control, 800,000 injured victims are hospitalized because of a serious fall.  When negligent businesses fail to clean up spills and broken glass in a timely manner it puts their customers at risk for a serious injury or even death. Barnes & Cohen Law Firm has years of experience representing Slip and Fall Accident victims.

When a Slip and Fall Accident Occurs at a Business Do I Have a Case?

If you have been injured in a Slip & Fall at a business due to an unsafe condition you should contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney for a case review. At Barnes & Cohen we investigate, review, and evaluate all the evidence. The business owner is responsible for keeping their business safe and free from hazards. If the business owner is negligent and that negligence has caused your fall you deserve compensation.

I Was Seriously Injured in a Slip and Fall. How Much Compensation Will I Be Entitled To?

Barnes & Cohen fought hard and won $2.5 million for a Slip and Fall victim that fell on a pile of broken glass in a store. The store had failed to clean up the broken glass. When our client slipped and fell on that pile of broken glass, she seriously injured her back, she was no longer able to return to her former job.

Every Slip and Fall case is different, your injury and your circumstances are unique. This is another reason why you need an experienced Personal Injury Attorney representing you. An attorney that will give you the personal service you deserve. At Barnes & Cohen we look at every angle to uncover insurance coverage and to make sure your financial future is covered. We understand a serious Slip and Fall Injury deserves serious compensation. Compensation for medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, in home care, home modifications if needed, special transportation, lost benefits, pain and suffering, and future expenses and medical needs.

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What Should I Do After My Slip and Fall Injury at a Business?

  • Report the incident to someone in charge a manager or owner ask them to make a report of your accident.
  • If you are able to remain at the scene of the accident:
    • Take photos of the exact place of your fall
    • Take photos of any debris that caused your fall spills, broken glass, items left in the walkway, poor lighting
    • Take photos of video cameras that may have recorded evidence
    • Speak with witnesses and get their contact information
    • Do NOT give a statement
  • Seek medical attention.
  • Make sure that your doctor documents everything.
  • Call Barnes & Cohen –for a Free No Obligation Consultation.
  • Don’t give a statement to an insurance company or investigator without your attorney present.
  • DO NOT Delay! Get Medical Treatment! Call an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney!

  I had a Slip and Fall Accident, Do I really Need an Attorney? 

Get a Free No Obligation Consultation with Barnes & Cohen and if you don’t need an Attorney we will tell you how to get started on your own. At Barnes & Cohen we investigate quickly before the evidence disappears, we will advise you and take over all of those difficult calls with the insurance company. You may be injured more seriously than you realize.

We know from experience that Slip and Fall Accident victims are often hesitant to seek compensation for their fall. Victims of Slip & Fall Accidents are often embarrassed and somehow feel they are responsible for their fall. When we investigate Slip & Fall Accidents, we often find negligent business owners have failed to clean up spills quickly, failed to replace poor lighting, failed to correct uneven floors and sidewalks and failed to keep shopping aisles free from debris.

Slip and Fall Accident What if it is my Fault?

Property owners and business owners have a duty to make sure the premises is free of hazards that could cause you harm. When you step onto someone else’s property you have a reasonable expectation that the property is safe. Even if the property belongs to a family member, friend or a city government. If you are injured in an unsafe environment due to negligence you may have a case.

Who pays for my Slip and Fall accident if I file a lawsuit?

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident the insurance company in most cases will be held liable for the compensation.

  • A Friend or a relative’s or private home- Home Owners Policy or renters’ insurance will be held responsible for the accident.
  • Retail store, restaurant or other business-the Insurance company will be held liable.
  • Rented Business location- In some cases the property owner and the business owner may be held responsible.
  • Municipal Government property- Municipal governments carry Insurance to cover accidents that occur on their property.

Big Insurance Companies will try to minimize Your Injuries.

At Barnes & Cohen we have heard so many stories of the Insurance companies trying to take advantage of injured victims. They try to minimize your injuries and pain. They try to deny future medical expenses, lost wages and benefits. Falls can cause serious lasting injuries.  According to an Emory University study 15% of Accidental Deaths are caused by Slip and Fall Accidents.

Barnes & Cohen Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Proven Results in Slip & Fall Accidents.

If you or a loved one has experienced an injury due to a Slip & Fall Accident, call our office today for a Free Consultation. Don’t Delay!