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When Do I Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney?  

One of the questions we are most often asked at Barnes & Cohen P.A. is, “When do I need to hire a car accident attorney?” Right after a car accident, one of the last things most people are thinking about is the need for legal representation and potential lawsuits. However, it’s the moments immediately following a car accident that an attorney needs to get involved to begin capturing many of the details that disappear quickly, following the event.

No one involved in an auto accident is required to hire an attorney, but it’s an absolute mistake to try and figure out legal responsibility or fight for adequate insurance coverage without one. Every accident case is unique and each has a set of facts and events that aren’t quite the same as others. Laws try to address all circumstances broadly, but it’s the individual details that ultimately determine whether people are left empty-handed, or win the compensation they need to be fully restored after an accident. Things get even more complicated when taking into account Florida’s no-fault law, as well.

Car Accident with traffic light

What Are the Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

  • When you are hurt, your own insurance may not cover all the medical expenses.
  • You may have some responsibility for the accident and need legal representation.

Should I Hire Any Lawyer for a Car Accident Case or an Attorney Who Specializes in Auto Accidents ?

Not every attorney is the same. Although applicable laws do not change from one attorney to the next, the experience of a qualified accident or personal injury attorney can make a big difference. Each situation, development and detail in a case typically provides multiple options for ways to respond. The experience of the attorney representing your case can impact their decisions. A new attorney or one who does not specialize in car accidents may just follow boilerplate procedures because he or she doesn’t know more beyond what their legal references at hand cite. An experienced auto accident attorney will know and take into account things like the case type, the court where the case will be filed, often the judges who will hear the case, and what kinds of outcomes are possible and likely, depending upon these factors, and legal strategies applied.

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What Are the Key Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer?

Case after case, people who hire a competent accident attorney for their car accident cases see larger recoveries than if they rely on insurance companies to resolve them or try to handle matters, themselves. Even insurance companies that represent the injured victim can be a problem, sometimes shortchanging reimbursement or delaying payment to protect their own cash flow at the expense of the covered victim.

Do I Need A Lawyer for a Car Accident in Lyft or Uber?

Things can get even more complicated now that the road includes drivers for hire, such as those employed by car-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. While these kinds of companies require their drivers to have insurance, that doesn’t mean that every driver has the best plan for protection, or is even honest about their coverage. That can be an ugly surprise without a skilled attorney who knows how to hold all persons involved responsible, when needed.

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How Much Does a Lawyer Charge for a Car Accident?

The great news is that car accident litigation falls into a legal category known as a “tort cases”. In these situations, the attorney agrees to accept payment only when a recovery is paid to the client, once the case is settled or won. This is known as a “contingency fee” and it is only paid if the client’s case is successful. If compensation or settlement cannot be achieved, the client is not liable for any costs.

Exact figures are subject to agreements between the attorney and their client, but this ensures that the auto-accident victim is not pressured to take the first settlement offer that is extended to pay for immediate medical bills or other expenses. In fact, a qualified attorney can help by providing their own resources for immediate needs when the case is taken on for representation.

If you’ve been in a car accident recently or someone you know has been hurt in one, it’s never too late to bring in qualified legal guidance. When you are hurt, you need aggressive legal representation that will go the extra mile for you. The lawyers of Barnes & Cohen will pursue every avenue to secure compensation on your behalf. Call us today in Florida at 904-932-0727 or our Georgia office at 904-208-2578 to schedule your free consultation.

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