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  1. When you see lawyers on TV ads with happy clients, oftentimes, the lawyer on the commercial had nothing to do with settling the case.
  2. When you see a law firm advertise on TV for what seems to be every 5 minutes, they don’t want you to think about selecting an attorney, they want you to act without thinking about who is best qualified for your case.
  3. When you hear an attorney claim to be an exclusive personal injury firm of a local business, you should understand they paid to make such a claim and were not selected based on merit.
  4. When you see a firm claim to be bigger and better than anyone, you should understand there will only be one to two people on your case and it won’t be the one on television.
  5. When you see a firm with offices all over the state of Florida, rest assured the lawyer on TV does not set foot in Jacksonville and has nothing to do with your case.
  6. When out-of-town firms open offices in Jacksonville, nothing compares to one thing that stands out most – how long a firm has been in continuous business.
  7. Advertisements for big truck lawyers are a scam. There is no such thing as a big truck lawyer.
  8. Ask your friends about the ads of other firms. Are they insulting to your common sense?
  9. Why would lawyers dress like Santa, put their dogs on city buses, or show you their private jet? None have anything to do with common sense to represent you in your case.
  10. When you see an 800 number, you should run as fast as possible. These lawyers are often from another state, know nothing about your case, and will likely refer it out for a fee.



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