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What is My Case Worth

When a Personal Injury occurs victims need to know as soon as possible what their case is worth. There are many factors that determine compensation in a Personal Injury Case. Make sure you consider the future not just today’s medical bills. Every case is unique and every case deserves the dedication of an aggressive experienced attorney.

There are factors You Should Consider before You Sign Away Your Rights or Give a Statement to Insurance Company? The questions below only give a general guideline and are not meant to take the place of a complete evaluation by an experienced Personal Injury Attorney.

Personal Injury Cases

  • Do you need surgery or rehabilitation?
  • Will you need additional medical care in the future?
  • Does your injury prevent you from working now or in the future?
  • Do you have lost wages?
  • Do you have unpaid medical bills?
  • What is the expected length of your recovery time?
  • Do you have ongoing pain?
  • Do you have any disabilities, disfigurements or scarring related to the case?
  • As you evaluate changes in your life what is different after your injury occurred?
  • Is the Insurance Company offering you a settlement you believe is below what you deserve?

Auto Accident Cases

  • Are you injured? If the answer to this question is Yes look over the questions above for Personal Injury Cases.
  • Did you seek prompt medical attention?
  • Do you need Auto Repairs?
  • Do you need a rental car while your car is being repaired?
  • Is the insurance company offering you less than what you believe your car is worth?

Dog Bite Cases

  • Do you need reconstructive surgery?
  • Do you need counseling due to trauma from the attack?

Wrongful Death Cases

  • Was the victim a wage earner?
  • Have you and other family members been deprived of their emotional and or physical support?
  • As you evaluate your life how is your life different since your loved one died?
  • Do you have medical bills or vehicle damages connected with the case?
  • Is the Insurance company trying to settle quickly without considering your families financial future?

Nursing Home Abuse Cases

  • Is the Nursing Home avoiding answering your questions?

Please see a list of factors which should be considered when evaluating your loved ones care in a Nursing Home.

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