17 Injured- Walkway Collapsed

17 Injured-Walkway Collapsed

17 People -Injured when a Walkway connected to a St Marys City dock collapsed.

St Marys Georgia- 17 Injured-Walkway Collapsed. Seventeen people were injured when a walkway collapsed at a city dock, six of the victims were taken to the hospital. A metal walkway attached to the pier collapsed.  Premises liability accidents happen when a property owner fails to maintain their property in a way that protects their patrons. The walkway was around 20- 25 feet high when it broke free from its mount dropping 10 feet. The incident occurred Tuesday, September 21 around 10:30 a.m. The river cruise boat was secured to the dock when the metal walkway detached from the pier. Passengers attempting to board were retired submarine sailors from USS Angler and their spouses. The group had gathered for a river cruise and a tour of St Marys River.

The victims remained on the dock when it crashed and did not fall into the water. A structural engineer will be called to evaluate the docks.

Premises Liability Accidents Happen When Property Owners are Negligent

Premises liability accidents happen when a property owner fails to maintain their property in a way that protects their patrons. Have you been injured because a property owner did not maintain their property?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has standards to protect the public and workers from accidents. Those standards include dock safety. The walkway connected to the City Dock in St Marys Georgia collapsed with 17 people on the walkway. Was the walkway adequate for the number of people using it at one time.

The reality is often that there were red flags that went unheeded before the accident. Often property owners were too concerned about profits instead of safety. In short, these property (premises) owners were negligent (and therefore liable or responsible). The owners, managers or those in charge often knew that something was not safe or required maintenance, repair or supervision, but failed to take the necessary actions to fix it. Instead, they waited until someone got hurt.

It’s Not Your Fault

In many cases, owners aren’t taking care of their property. It’s not a safe environment. For example, when a woman slipped on broken glass in a liquor store, the owner had a duty to keep the store safe.

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