Auto Accident Injury Compensation

Auto Accident Injury Compensation is based on a wide range of circumstances. Barnes & Cohen Personal Injury Attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida and South Georgia have successfully defended Injured Auto Accident victims in many different circumstances. Injured Auto Accident victims want to know how much money can I get for my injuries? We will answer a few of the most common questions and concerns about Auto Accident Injury Compensation.

Auto Accident Injuries Cost Florida and Georgia Residents Billions every Year.

The state of Florida reported $46 Million in medical cost for Auto Accident injuries during a one-year period with a total of $4.40 Billion in cost related to traffic crash deaths. Georgia reported $18 Million in medical cost during the same one-year period with a total of $2.10 Billion in cost related to traffic deaths.

What is the average Auto Accident Settlement?

Auto Accidents Florida and Georgia

Auto Accidents in Florida and Georgia Cost Billions every year.

Auto Accident Settlements or Jury Awards vary from a few thousand to millions. One of the highest Auto Accident jury awards $2.9 Million in South Georgia history was won by Barnes & Cohen Personal Injury Attorney Patrick Sullivan. Patrick Sullivan an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney manages the Barnes & Cohen Kingsland, Georgia office.

What factors increase Auto Accident Injury Compensation?

  1. Hire an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney. Compensation Increases when you hire an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney. Insurance companies insist they will take care of you but our experience shows their first concern is getting you to sign away your rights as quickly as possible. Your Compensation will be more if you hire an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney. At Barnes & Cohen we often hear from folks that have settled their case and they are unhappy with the results. Make sure you don’t sign away your rights without a Free Consultation with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney.
  2. Auto Accident with injuries versus an Auto Accident with minor damage to your vehicle. If you have a minor Auto Accident with no injuries, you probably don’t need a Auto Accident Attorney. Your settlement with the insurance company should cover your monetary expenses. If you are in an Auto Accident and you or your passengers are injured you need an attorney.
  3. Serious, debilitating or permanently Injured Auto Accident victims deserve compensation that will take care of all their losses. Our experience shows that Insurance companies will avoid paying for long term care, long term loss of wages and pain & Suffering compensation. Your Auto Accident Compensation will be more if all of your injuries are thoroughly evaluated as well as your present and future financial needs.
  4. Wrongful Death Auto Accident losses both emotional and financial that families experience deserve large a large compensation package. If you have experienced the loss of a family member due to a Wrongful Death Auto Accident we offer a Free Consultation. We will evaluate your case and go over every financial and emotional loss you are entitled to. We will look at every angle loss of wages, benefits, retirement, companionship as well as medical bills, loss of your vehicle and every possible emotional and financial need you are entitled to.
  5. A Law Firm Dedicated to Personal Service. Law Firms dedicated to personal service will evaluate all the facts in your case and get to know you and your losses personally. Barnes & Cohen was working with an elderly lady who was injured in an Auto Accident. On the surface her injuries did not appear to be debilitating, but as our attorneys spent time with the injured victim, they found a different story. The elderly lady who had once been an active member in her church could no longer sit through church service due to injuries sustained in the Auto Accident. Pain & Suffering and a Loss of Enjoyment of Life were just a few of the complications she suffered with after a negligent driver hit her. Your Compensation will be More if the Law Firm You Hire examines every angle and takes the time to understand all of your losses and what you need to move forward.
  1. If your Car is totaled in an Auto Accident and you are not at fault you deserve full replacement value. Your compensation will be more if the Law Firm you hire fights for full replacement value on your vehicle.
  2. Bigger is not Always Better. When you shop at Walmart you go there for the best price. You know the service is going to be lousy when you walk in the door. Personal Injury Law Firms work on a contingency basis. That means you won’t get more if you go to a Big Mega Law Firms. In fact some of those large firms charge for every little piece of paper they print out, every stamp they put on an envelope and every one of their many attorneys who touch your case file. Your Compensation will be more if you have a law firm that is more interested in you than racking up the charges.

If I am Injured in an Auto Accident, what expenses am I entitled to?

Auto Accident Victims may be entitled to economic compensation and medical expenses for the following:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Home Health Care
  • Nursing Home Care
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Wrongful Death
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Retirement
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Loss of Companionship
  • Loss of Benefits
  • Prescriptions
  • Future Medical Expenses
  • Wound Care
  • Home Modifications
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Medical Equipment
  • Rental Car
  • Car Replacement Value
  • Car Repairs


Every case is unique there may be additional compensation you are entitled to. At Barnes & Cohen we research and evaluate all of the facts, then fight for the compensation you deserve including economic losses and medical expenses.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 38,000 people are killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes each year in the United States. Recent studies show traffic crash deaths resulted in $55 billion in medical and work loss costs in addition to the immeasurable burden on the victims’ families and friends.

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