Auto Accident Traps Teen

Auto Accident Traps Teen for 45 minutes. A Jacksonville Teen Trapped in an Auto Accident was the daughter of a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Detective. The 17-year-old was trapped after a serious car crash for 45 minutes. Caityln Sowell, had to be rescued from the car crash by Firefighters using the Jaws of Life. Her dad the detective was notified and quickly arrived standing by her side keeping her calm throughout the process.

The teen was a passenger in the vehicle when the car hydroplaned in the rain and wrapped around a tree on Catilyn’s side of the car. The driver, a friend, suffered a concussion and bruises. On their way to a movie July 31, the Car crash occurred on University Blvd. at San Jose in the Lakewood area.

Good News! Catilyn is out of the hospital and recovering at home. Both legs suffered severe injuries and the recovery is expected to last months. Catilyn feels fortunate that she survived this terrifying car crash. “God really spared my life,” she said. Catilyn’s mother has requested prayer for the long recovery Catilyn is facing.

Trapped in a Serious Auto Accident – Know What to Do?  

Entrapped victims had greater trauma severity, more blood loss and a greater mortality, according to a study by the National Library of Medicine. The study showed when victims were trapped and medical care delayed the severity of the injuries increased as well as the emotional trauma putting victims at greater risk for death.

Catilyn Sowell knew what to do and her training most likely made a big difference in her recovery. Catilyn had received lifeguard, first aid and CPR training. She knew what to do to reduce the likelihood of more serious injuries.

  • Call 911 if you can reach your phone.
    • If your phone is out of reach honk the horn, bang on the windows, try to get the attention of bystanders.
  • Stay Calm
  • If you are unable to exit the vehicle Lay back and stabilize your neck to prevent neck injuries.
  • Remove your seatbelt.
  • Lower the windows.

Auto Accidents Happen. Equip Your Car with Basic Safety Equipment.

Make sure the cars in your family are equipped with a glass breaking tool and a seatbelt cutter. Keep them in a glove box, console, or place that you can easily reach. A basic first aid kit should be kept in your vehicle.

Every vehicle should be equipped with an Emergency Road Safety Kit. We never plan to get into and accident or breakdown on the roadway but if you are prepared with an Emergency Road Safety Kit it will may keep you safe while you are waiting for help. Emergency Road Safety Kits can be purchased or you can put your own safety kit together by purchasing supplies online or at your local discount store. In addition to a properly inflated tire, wheel wrench and tripod jack your kit should contain the following: 1. Jumper cables 2. Flashlights and extra batteries 3. Emergency warning flashers 4. First aid kit with gauze, band aids, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, medical gloves 5. Blanket 6. Reflective emergency vest 7. Fire extinguisher 8. Rain poncho 9. Work gloves 10. Bottled Water 11. Granola bar or snack mix 12. Customize your kit for any special needs in your family. Emergency Road Safety Kits make great presents. Purchase an Emergency Road Safety Kit for your teen, an elderly parent or a single mom and make sure they know the basics of using it in an Emergency.

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