With the great weather Florida has and the many places to ride bikes, along with the function to easily switch between peddling and riding, the constant growth of e-bike riders is not surprising. However, it is important to know the rules of the road when riding an e-bike. While riders can ride their e-bikes wherever standard bikes ride (i.e. bike lanes, roads, multiuse paths, etc.), safety is still a priority. Due to the capable speeds reaching almost thirty miles per hour, riders should wear a helmet for safety to reduce the risk of a traumatic brain injury. When driving a vehicle, be sure to watch for all types of bikers, on and off the main road.


Safety tips for e-bike riders include:

  •         Obey the rules of the road and follow signs/signals
  •         Be visible on the road, wear bright clothing, or attach a light to your bike
  •         Leave enough room when following other bikes or vehicles
  •         Use appropriate speed
  •         Communicate with drivers by using hand signals when turning
  •         Be predictable, many drivers are distracted when on the road and do not always see bikes on the road
  •         Wear proper safety equipment

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