Florida Pedestrian Killed on I-95 southbound in St Johns County. The man was walking on I-95 South when he was hit by a semi-truck near State Road 16 on Monday July 10th. The man suffered fatal injuries. The 37-year-old driving the tractor-trailer and his passenger were not injured. The crash shut down all of the southbound lanes in the area were shut down while the fatal crash was being investigated. When driving 0on the Interstate you are required by law to move to the other lane or slow down at least 20 mph below the speed limit for pedestrian’s, disabled vehicles and emergency vehicles. At Barnes and Cohen we fight for the rights of those injured in Pedestrian Accidents. We fight for the families financially and emotionally struggling when their loved ones are wrongfully taken away in a Pedestrian Accident.

Why are Pedestrian Deaths at a 40 Year High?

The Governors Highway Safety Association asked that question in 2022 to gain a better understanding of road safety throughout the United States. Pedestrian deaths surged from 2019 – 2022 by 19%. Pedestrian accidents are increasing at a higher rate than all other accident fatalities. While Auto Accident fatalities have increased by 25%, Pedestrian Fatalities have increased by an alarming 77%. The fatality rate by state per 100,000 population ranks Florida #10 and Georgia is ranked #11. Barnes and Cohen understands the devastation that this out of control pedestrian accident rate brings to our community in Jacksonville Florida and the St Marys, Kingsland Georgia area.

Florida Pedestrian Killed on I-95

Florida Pedestrian Killed on I-95

What Is Being Done to Combat This Pedestrian Safety Crisis?

A comprehensive solution based on the safe System approach has been outlined by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

“National Roadway Safety Strategy.”

  1. Safe Road Users
  2. Safe Vehicles
  3. Safe Roads
  4. Safe Speeds
  5. Post-Crash Care

Reduce Pedestrian Fatalities Be a Safe Pedestrian

  • Nighttime is a dangerous time for Pedestrian Accidents Fatalities Increase
    • Carry a flashlight or turn the flashlight on your phone on
    • Wear light colored clothing
    • Walk in lighted areas
    • Walk on sidewalks when possible or as far away from traffic as possible
    • Be cautious and alert in parking lots

At Barnes and Cohen we believe that reducing Pedestrian Accidents will take a conscious effort by all of us. Safe Road Users and Safe Walkers will reduce the numbers of Pedestrian Accidents and Pedestrian Fatalities. We know that there will always be careless negligent drivers that is why we are here but we hope that all of us will drive a little slower, put our phones down and never drive impaired.


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