May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness

Chuck Barnes & Glenn Cohen May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness

May – Motorcycle Safety Awareness

May – Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. “Look Twice Save a Life” has become a slogan for Motorcycle safety awareness. Research shows one of the leading causes of fatal motorcycle accidents is distracted drivers fail to see motorcycles when they turn or change lanes. Jacksonville Florida was the scene of a Motorcycle fatality when a driver failed to see the motorcycle and turned right colliding with the motorcyclist. The motorcycle rider was pronounced dead at the scene. This crash occurred just last week. The motorcyclist was a young man in his 30’s.

Look Twice Save a Life

Barnes and Cohen Personal Injury Attorneys has helped clients that have experienced a tragic motorcycle accident. We have helped clients through motorcycle accidents that have inflicted serious debilitating injuries and we have helped clients that have lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents. Our experience shows the drivers that hit our clients never meant to hit them. Drivers are often distracted by cellphones, drowsiness, alcohol and even babies or small children in their vehicle. Too often careless distracted drivers glance looking for a vehicle and fail to see a motorcycle, bicycle, or a pedestrian. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration promotes Motorcycle Safety Awareness every year in May.

Motorcycle Safety How Do We Reduce Motorcycle Fatalities

May-Motorcycle Safety Awareness campaign seeks to change the tragic number of fatalities and serious injuries that occur on our roads. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration campaign is designed to encourage Motorist Awareness and Motorcyclist Safety.

Motorist Awareness- “Look Twice Save A Life”

  • Motorcycles are everywhere, be alert when you want to make a turn or change lanes look carefully, look for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Don’t Drive Distracted- cellphones, drowsy driving, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Don’t Speed
  • Obey all Traffic Laws

Motorcyclist Safety

  • Motorcycle Helmets Save Lives. Safety approved, the right size and shape for your head. For help on choosing the right helmet follow the link
  • Don’t Speed
  • Use Caution When Changing Lanes
  • Don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Don’t Take Risk
  • Obey all Traffic Laws

Motorcycle Fatalities Occur Most Often in the Afternoon and Evenings

According to Forbes Advisor most motorcycle fatalities occur between 3pm and 9pm. If you ride motorcycles, please use extra caution in the evening hours. Motorcycle Accident Fatalities far outweigh Auto Accident Fatalities when you consider they only represent 3% of the registered vehicles on our roadways but 14% of the fatal accidents in our nation. Barnes & Cohen Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are experienced Personal Injury Attorneys helping injured motorcycle accident victims and their families recover after devastating motorcycle accidents. We have family members, staff and friends that ride motorcycles. This gives us a special concern for motorcycle riders and the problems they encounter on our roadways.

Florida Ranks #1 in Motorcycle Fatalities

Tragically, our state Florida ranks #1 in Motorcycle fatalities across the nation according to the NHTSA. Georgia fortunately ranks much lower than Florida. Motorcycle fatalities continued to rise according to the most recent published data by 9%. August is the most dangerous month for motorcycle riders, this is most likely a product of more motorcycle riders on our roads with the warmer weather even in the colder climates.

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