Vicious Unrestrained Dogs Attack

Vicious Unrestrained Dog Attack an Elderly Woman leaving her in ICU. An 86-year-old Putnam County Woman was seriously injured in her own yard when 2 vicious dogs escaped from their fenced yard. The elderly woman, Gertrude Bishop was mauled by the two vicious dogs leaving her leg so badly injured it had to be amputated. Her ear was completely bitten off by the vicious animals. She had lacerations from the dog bite around her lips. She now has stitches around her mouth as doctors attempted to repair the damage left behind by the vicious animals.

Vicious Unrestrained Dogs

Barnes & Cohen Dog Bite Attorneys defend injured dog bite victims, we have seen this same scenario before. When a client comes to us with a serious dog bite injury many times our research reveals a dog that has bitten before and an negligent owner that failed to restrain their dog. Too often we see Vicious Unrestrained dogs terrorizing neighborhoods for years. In Gertrude Bishop’s neighborhood the owners were aware of the potential risk their dogs posed to the community. Neighbors came to Gertrude Bishops rescue. They were able to get the dogs away from her. They called 911 and her son. Sadly, these same dogs have caused Gertrude Bishop and her neighbor’s problems in the past. The dogs had escaped from their yard in the past. One neighbor reported that she was often afraid to go outside in her own yard.

According to the American Veterinary Association 4.5 million people are bitten every year in the United States. Florida is one of the leading states for dog bites. Many of of our staff and attorneys at Barnes and Cohen have dogs but we have seen the devastation unrestrained dog cause. We urge all pet owners to be responsible pet owners and observe leash laws.

The dogs have been quarantined by Animal Control. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and considering possible criminal charges to the dog’s owner.

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